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2021 Fall Registration


(Check back for openings during Winter Registration)


2021 NOVICE BOYS still have openings to register


We’re so excited to get back to a regular season out on the water and the Fall 2021 season is looking promising.  We've put together this helpful page to assist you in getting registered and provide answers to the most commonly asked questions including cost, payment plans, applying for financial aid, schedule and team trips.

Our fall regatta schedule isn’t solidified yet, but most of our regular regattas are beginning the registration process and we are optimistic that a normal practice and racing schedule will be finalized.  The Fall 2021 Fee is $1100 (Early Registration = $1,000).

Thank you for supporting SICR and your rower.  The impact that rowing has on our high schoolers’ lives is both incredible and indelible: from the obvious benefits of daily workouts to their physical well-being to the phenomenal impact on focus, determination, tenacity and leadership.  We look forward to working with all of our athletes as they realize these benefits now and as they move into college and their professional lives.


Welcome Back! The Fall season means that entire online registration as well as all the hardcopy pages must be completed.

  • Online and Hardcopy forms to the right of this paragraph >>


There are three parts to the registration process:  1) Hardcopy Forms, 2) Online Forms thru Sports Engine and 3) Swim Test.


  1. Please print, complete and mail ALL of the forms contained in the PDF file to the right of this paragraph. 
  2. Please mail to SICR Registrar Ian Hirt 625 S. Loomis Street, Chicago IL 60607
  3. Photocopies of your medical insurance card (front and back) are required.


  1. Before you get started, keep in mind there  is no "back" button, however, you will have the opportunity to edit any information during the "Review" process
  2. The electronic registration is complete after payment has been submitted.
  3. Athletes are required to join “US Rowing” where a National Rowing number is assigned, an online waiver is signed and a small registration fee is required.  A link to this national registration process will guide you to the site and explain the process.

Swim Test | STEP 3

  • Athletes are required to pass a swimming test, performed at many local or public pools, certified by a lifeguard. (This is for first time rowers only.)


  • $1100 (Early Bird - $1000)
  • Fees are reduced based on the current regatta schedule; should regattas schedule change an additional charge will be forthcoming
  • These fees cover: Coach salaries, equipment purchases and maintenance, storage, transportation, team membership in local rowing club, Team insurance for equipment, Boathouse rental, equipment storage (Trailers, boats, launches, oars, ergs, etc.),Regular season race fees, Annual Team Events and Learn-to-row events. Please note, this registration fee does not cover costs associated with travel including Spring Break Trip to Tennessee, lodging and uniforms.
  • Rowers are given uniforms Freshman or Novice year and have the option to buy unis during sophomore or second year of crew. Crew Jackets are available for purchase after rower has completed a season. Students can buy various crew related gear throughout the year at different times.



(On-line Sports Engine Payment Form): When completing your online registration, there are several options that allow you to create a payment plan for the registration fee.


(Hardcopy Forms | PG 8) The SICR Board of Directors has established a financial aid program to assist those students who wish to row but whose families lack the means to pay the full dues. There is a limited pool of financial aid funds available for distribution each season (Financial aid information is kept confidential and Coaches are not informed of financial aid participants).  All financial information submitted in support of a financial aid application is held in strict confidence. All financial aid awards are confidential agreements between the recipient family and SICR.


  • Q. Is there a date I need to register?
  • A. Registration Closes September 8th.
  • Q. If you participated in the Spring season, must you complete both the paper and Website registration?
  • A. YES – All rowers must complete both the entire online registration and the entire Hardcopy packet.
  • Q. Can you make payment by check?
  • A. Currently, no – all payments are handled on the website.
  • Q. Must you resubmit US Rowing info?
  • A. YES –This gets completed while you are registering online.  US Rowing has 2 parts, US Rowing Waiver (this is per calendar year : Jan 1st to Dec 31st) and US Rowing membership (annually – valid for 12 months, not calendar year)
  • Q. Does Fall SEASON 2021 include the trip to Spring Break trip to Tennessee?
  • A. No. Please set aside the dates of March 13-20, 2022 for these activities.  A separate registration (both website and hard copy) and payment is required for the SPRING 2022 TRAINING trip. 


The documents listed below are found in the attached download (above) and each has unique document number (ie. 2G) to reduce confusion. (Please note - your actual submittal, such as the medical forms, does not need to have the document number on it).

  • (1A) - St. Ignatius Field Trip Form - Page 1
  • (1B) - St. Ignatius Field Trip Form - Page 2
  • (1C) – This Seasons Tentative Rowing Schedule
  • (2A) - Athletico - Consent to Treat & Emerg. Contact
  • (2B) - IESA Medical Form (Pre-participation Examination) - Front
  • (2C) - IESA Medical Form (Pre-participation Examination) – Back
  • (2D) – IHSA Concussion Info Sheet
  • (2E) – IHSA Concussion Info Sheet (cont.)
  • (2F) – IHSA PES & Steroid Testing Policy
  • (2G) - Concussion, Drug testing & Asthma Acknowledgement & Consent Form
  • (3) - St. Ignatius Chicago Rowing - Consent to Treat
  • (4) - St. Ignatius Chicago Rowing- Waiver
  • (5) - Swimming Proficiency (First year of participation only)
  • (6) – SICR - Missing School for event form (spring season /select rowers in fall)
  • (7) - Payment Plan (only if needed)
  • (8) - Financial Aid  (only if needed)
  • (9) – Check list of what is required to be submitted for registration
  • (10) - School - Coronavirus/COVID-19 - Assumption of Risk Waiver
  • (11) - SICR - Coronavirus/COVID-19 - Assumption of Risk Waiver